Longevity and durability of flooring within varying industrial settings, requires knowledge, the selection and application of the correct chemical resistant flooring coating.

In industrial settings that use aggressive substances such as acids, solvents, and eroding chemicals, choosing the correct flooring solution is imperative. By specifically tailoring a flooring solution that considers the type of exposure received, it will prevent weakened, broken-down, unsightly, and unhygienic floors.

This often applies to industries that experience everyday spillages in commercial sites such as in healthcare, catering, kitchen environments, aviation industries and those that handle harsh chemicals.

NZ Specialised Coatings use a range of chemically resistant floor and wall coating systems, suitable for environments where chemicals and other aggressive compounds are present.

The products and flooring solution systems used, are tailored to specific industries and are customised to each individual customer. This ensures the best possible outcome is achieved with a floor that is durable and will last the test of time.