Industrial Flooring Requirements for the Food Industry.

The food industry enforces many industrial flooring requirements which must be considered to ensure a safe and hygienic flooring solution.

Slip Resistant Flooring:
The surface design should be considered when questioning slip resistance. The limitations to this are always defined by the specific environment and various finished can be achieved.

Permeability to Liquids:
Ensuring an impermeable seal is provided protecting the concrete and the ground water from leakage of environmental pollutants and water.

Chemical Resistance Flooring:
In industrial settings the use of aggressive substances such as acids, solvents, and eroding chemicals can cause deterioration, choosing the correct flooring solution is imperative.

Impact Resistance Flooring:
Related to the specific conditions of each operation. Allowance should be made for high point foods.

Thermal Shock Flooring:
Flooring deterioration resulting from frequent or cyclic thermal shock, steam cleaning and within food chilling areas can be avoided by choosing the correct flooring solution. It is important to choose a solution which caters for the specific needs of installation. There are options available to cater for installation between -10⁰C to +30⁰C and fast setting solutions that can be used within a few hours, preventing delays in productivity and production.

Odour Free Flooring:
Flooring solutions must be neutral, free from odour and VOC-free.

Mechanical Resistance Flooring:
Is defined by the type of transport load, the area of contact, the type of tyres used on a vehicle and the frequency of exposure.

Hygienic Flooring:
Flooring solutions must not affect foodstuff taste and odour, nor contaminate the product. Growth of bacteria or fungi is prohibited. NZ Specialised Coatings offer flooring solutions which are certified for usage within the food industry.


Flooring solutions must hold up to the test of time and are often required to meet approved standards and guidelines.

NZ Specialised Coatings is an experienced and trusted flooring solution provider. Working with customers to meet their specific needs and tailoring a solution to deliver results.

Working within industry standards and guidelines, they have certification to meet the latest EEC guidelines and have Clean Room Certification for flooring solutions within the food industry. They deliver practical aesthetically pleasing finishes that meet the needs of the end user.