New Zealand Specialised Coatings is a Sika Certified Applicator and has been since 2000, a strong relationship and understanding has been formed over this period with Sika NZ.

All New Zealand Specialised Coatings staff have a good understanding of the Sika flooring systems and are very competent with the required applications in the complete range of flooring products.

We are regarded as the largest ‘Sika Industrial Flooring Applicator’ in New Zealand and pride ourselves on this and the quality we provide to the client and the re-assurance this gives to Sika NZ.

Sika NZ Ltd has been in New Zealand for over 50 years. They offer products and technology solutions for a wide range of applications; including the construction, marine and automotive industries. For example, your car windscreen is probably bonded in with a Sikaflex adhesive to keep you safe and secure; the milk your family drinks may come from a dairy factory where the floor is hygienically protected with a Sika flooring system. Or the building you live or work in probably has a Sika waterproofing system installed, to keep you comfortable and dry.

Our local business is all about working with our customers, here in New Zealand, to help select a range of technology solutions that offer long-term durability and peace of mind; with the full backing and support of Sika AG, a 100 year old Swiss multinational.

Sika (NZ) Ltd is a Telarc ISO 9001 Registered Supplier.  This internationally recognised certification is independent proof of our commitment to providing products and services of a consistently high quality.  Sika (NZ) Ltd attained ISO 9001 certification in 1994