Known for delivering results as an extremely long-lasting sports flooring solution, the Pulastic Flooring System delivers on expectations.

With most Initial installations being completed within a week and the result being a seamless finished flooring solution which has no open seams or loose-fitting joins between walls and the floors, the Pulastic Flooring System is a popular choice. Coupled with an expected lifespan that is equal to that of traditional timber American Oak flooring, but with the simplicity to recoat the surface to be as good as new.

The product can be applied to new or existing concrete and timber floors. With outstanding shock absorption qualities, which have proven reduced sports injury especially amongst young children.

Constructed with a minimum of 60% recycled material, the resins used in the manufacturing process are made from renewable vegetable oils making this flooring solution an attractive environmental choice. As well as meeting the leading European and USA environmental standard and complying with NZS fire rating requirements.

The product is exceptionally easy to update, repair and refurbish with the option to do this in sections. It also comes in multiple colours giving you creative freedom to design your own distinctive flooring solution.