NZ Specialised Coatings once again embrace new technology.

Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Audi were investing in a state of the art automotive workshop.  In conjunction with the main contractor, Livingstone Construction they approached NZ Specialised Coatings to embark on a project that would bring the latest technology to the forefront.

NZ Specialised Coatings embrace new products and the experienced staff within the company are always looking to widen their understanding and knowledge of the advancement in flooring technology.  Sikafloor 315 is one of these new innovative products, Sikafloor 315 clear was applied as a final topcoat for the project.

Sikafloor 315 clear polyurethane was used as a final topcoat for the workshop floor.  A four coat system was applied,  Sikafloor 161 was used as a primer and moisture barrier.  A moisture barrier was recommended due to the moisture content in the slab at the time of application.

Sikafloor 264 self smoothing base coat was applied, RAL 7035 Light Grey was selected.  The fourth and final coat was Sikafloor 315 clear polyurethane.

Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Audi


Products & Application:

– Sikafloor 315 clear polyurethane
– Sikafloor 161
– Sikafloor 264 self smoothing
– RAL 7035 Light Grey
NZ Specialised Coatings provided us with a high class workshop floor that exceeded our expectations. They provided a professional service and finish, we wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to future clients.

Richard van den Engel, Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Audi